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It's been a while since we planned to redesign this video interview tool into something intuitive, comprehensive, and powerful, and here it is. Video interview v. 2.

Equipped with state-of-the-art AI Assistant to suggest related interview questions with the very techy ones 🤩 by combining in-house AI models, GPT-3, and technical questions from Github and StackExchange.

Providing candidate's profile right within the interview for better interview structure.

Chat, Whiteboard, Share screen, Avatars, Recording (Only available in higher tier plans), Recorded video transcript (Only available in higher tier plans), real-time scoring, question answers and more than that white-labeled with your employer branding.

The feature provides an intuitive experience for candidates too to add the video interview link in their calendar within the email invitations, reminders, rescheduling and even cancellation. That helps recruiters and hiring managers to reduce the screening to interview churn significantly (in integration with your Calendly). 

*Note: The feature is available on selected subscription plans.

How to set a video interview?

1- Navigate to a job pipeline either by editing the pipeline or creating one. Get to the "Hiring Flow", click the "Autonomous Action" button on the top right side of the page and choose "Actions"

Step 1- Job pipeline

2- Select the step you'd like to auto-trigger the video interview and click "add new one"

Step 2- Add an interview action

3- Select "Voice/Video interview" and type the interview title or purpose in the next field.

Step 3- Video interview

4- To auto-trigger the video interview action you need to integrate your user account to Calendly. Read more about Calendly integration here.
Now it's time to pick a time slot on your calendar. If you do not see any time slots, you may need to add time slots to your Calendly account. And add anyone in the hiring team to join the interview.

Step 4- auto scheduling

5- The last step to setting up a video interview is to add interview questions if any. You can take advantage of the AI assistant by asking the right interview questions.

Step 5- interview questions

An automated email invitation once the candidate reach to the step you have designed the voice/video interview.

Candidate Interview time-slot confirmation

*Note: You can user video interview manually by skipping the auto-trigger step.
Skip auto-trigger

And copy the interview link within the candidate card within the job pipeline-related step.

Interview links

How to use a video interview?

A great feature of the video interview is the white-label option by presenting your career page branding color, your workspace name within the interview page and email communications.

Recruiter Entrance Page

Recruiter entrance page let you still invite the hiring team, start recording from the beginning, config your voice and video inputs and avatar.

Recruiter Entrance Page

Once you have entered the interview meeting, you will see a side bar with 3 tabs including:

The candidate profile to provide the access to the latest information about the candidate including background, interests, tags and involved pipelines.
Chat that provide instant messaging within an interview session.

Video Interview- Profile

The question tab contains the questions you have specified in defining interview actions. Candidate responses can be written and rated by each hiring team member. (the final result aggregates all hiring team inputs)
With the help of AI Assistant, you can improvise interview questions. Just make sure you have enough AI Assistant tokens prior to a meeting.

Question tab

Interview Result
Once every recruiter end the call an interview session will be expired and cannot be accessible anymore.
And interview results can be found within the related job pipeline> related step> candidate card in the evaluation tab.

Interview result path

The interview result will consist of overall candidate score in the interview and each hiring team given score. Questions and answers, and in case you have recorded the video (Only available in higher tier plans) it will be appeared here within an hour after the session expired alongside the interview transcript.
*Note: Transcript is only active on English spoken language and can be accurate if the speakers accents are British and American.

Interview result page
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