This is Sprint 22 Release Note on Aug 4th.

👌 Fixes:

Fix showing email notification count on right side bar.

Fixes on parsed resume preview mode.

Fixing email tracking statuses.

Fixes on candidate's card sizes in the pipeline Kanban view "Show Candidate".

Fixes on company Logo size issue on outbound emails.

Fixes on comments and reviews in both profiles and the job pipelines.

Fixing ZipRecruiter integration on fetching applied candidate's resume into the workspace.

And a few more fixes and improvements

🐱‍👓 Improvements:

Infrastructural and security improvements

Improvement in automated Emails

Improving the search function accuracy, performance and abilities

Improvement in Google job board

Improvement on the main search

New Help releases and can be reached within the support chat

New customer support releases

Add reporting module to "Essential" plan

Improvement on the email reply back experience with pipelines

New Hyperlink within the rich text editor

🔥 New Features:

Email Templates

Releasing email templates, editing template's access and recall them right in your rich text editor. Read More here

Customer Services

Improving user interaction and communication channels inside the workspaces.

Easing the access to the help, knowledge sharing bot, and customer support all at once at the live chat in the right button side of your workspace.

Integration - Whatjobs

Integrating with one of the top leading job boards in the UK and the US.

You can increase your reach to the potential candidates and enhance your employer branding by the free and the paid versions (Cost Per Click) in the UK and the US.

Email Labels

Introducing labeling in your inbox. Now you will be able to categorize your emails into personal labels.

Revamping a new AI resume Parser and Matcher

With New AI resume parser, you will have more information parsed automatically in candidate profiles once a resume gets uploaded or a candidate applies.

Also, with a new matcher, you will have a better candidate matching scores and of course a better view of the candidate's capabilities in one picture.

Moving rejected candidates cards in Kanban view

Now you can move candidates' cards between steps to trigger new emails and actions set on the destination.

Other new possibilities

Received Email's notification once a reply arrives at your inbox.

Receiving the Candidate's emails with attachments is possible now.

Search and filtration in the inbox.

CName process automation.

Ability to "_Star_" an email inside the inbox

Ability to copy email addresses from the email recipient list.

Improvement on "Sent new assessments and actions" email subjects and body

Improving email-sender id by adding via {{workspace names}} to automated emails.

Retrieving emails histories in your new inbox.

And tons of other small improvements.
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