Happy holidays 🎄🎁. The team has been working constantly to improve the platform's usability and functionality. This is the second part of new year's surprise (out of three), so let's see what has just been rolled out?

🌶️🌶️🌶️ New features:

**Introducing Contacts**

1. "Contacts" is here 🎉. A great way to organize, automate the next actions and analyze your database of candidates, leads and prospects.
"Contacts": is your modern database of candidates, prospects and leads.

Add all your leads, candidates and contacts within the central database will ease the stirring of your access, monitoring and navigation quickly.
A powerful filtration helps you get to the result faster. While it gives all required information at one glance wither the involved pipelines or matching pipeline for the candidate, scores and other crucial information.

Cohort: Cohort is a set of candidates, leads or prospects grouped together because of a common identifier. As long as there is commonality, a cohort can be anything: from leads in a certain geographic location to passive candidates in the same function who can be converted to active candidates over time.

Cohort helps you segment a group of contacts with similarities and run a campaign or an automated workflow for a certain result such as converting passive candidates to active candidates or turning prospects to MQL (marketing qualified leads).

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3. Sequence: Sequence: Sequence is a scheduled series of sales or recruiting touchpoints that include Emails, phone calls and SMS messages, as well as other tasks that are delivered at a pre-defined interval over a particular period of time.

QPage Sequences are the most powerful way to personalize your recruiting or sales outreach at scale.
After establishing your contacts and adding up the contacts to a sequence and creating a tailored target outreach profile, you can build a Sequence that is not only highly relevant but extremely specific to each lead. And this can all be done with one large sequence setup. We'll take care of the rest and automatically space out these email sends for you, over the course of several days.

Add Leads: You can add leads or any other type of contacts to the sequence from the contact. That will facilitate your control over your central contact database and add them by bulk to the different cohorts or sequences. Once you add contacts in the sequence their journey will begin based on the configured sequence.

Sequence list
All published sequences will list on the "Sequence" tab on the main page.

You will have the sequence performance and latest status at one view.

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Stay tuned with us and join the discussion around new feature development.
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