This is Release Note June 10th which released with 5 days delay on June 15th, 2021.

👌 Fixes:

Moving rejected candidates between steps.

Fixes in re-inviting/adding a removed user within a workspace

🐱‍👓 Improvements:

Infrastructural improvement

Pipeline email history

Improvement in automated Emails

Improvement in Google job board

Improvement on the main search

New Help releases and can be reached within the support chat

New customer support releases (first phase on the landing page)

🔥 New:

MX Record on email

*Providing SSL encryption subdomain to the white-labeled Career sites. Read More here

*QPage hosted email and email address personalization in the user profile

Adding Favicon to the career page

Releasing Beta version of the brand new Inbox, Yeyyy 🎊

Releasing Sent, receive, and email tracking within your inbox and the pipelines (auto-sync). Feel free to Star a conversation or label (soon) and trash.

Attachments in emails

Send assignments, add pictures, files, pdfs to emails.

Customize Email Address

Edit your custom email address in your user profile.

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