Release note- Feb 2022

"One of the things the 20th century taught us, very expensively, is that it's a mistake to appease dictators who invade their neighbors."

I am writing this release note while our hearts and minds are with people in Ukraine. πŸ’”

πŸ”₯New feature:

AI search is around the corner

This powerful tool is perfect for sourcing prospects, leads, and passive candidates with more than 700 million profiles available to search, source and hire.

With ideal filtering and search capabilities, it is a worthy alternative to LinkedIn for sourcing.

Search and simply add the result to pipelines, cohorts or sequences to nurture or hire.

You can find "AI Search" on the left side menu in your workspace.

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AI Search

AI Sourcer

AI Sourcer a.k.a. QP Sourcer is another advanced yet free tool that offers up to 200 potential candidates right within your pipeline.

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QPage AI Sourcer

Video Interview v.2

It's been a while since we planned to redesign this video interview tool into something intuitive, comprehensive, and powerful, and here it is. Video interview v. 2.

Equipped with state-of-the-art AI Assistant to suggest related interview questions with the very techy ones 🀩 by combining in-house AI models, GPT-3, and technical questions from Github and StackExchange.

Providing candidate's profile right within the interview for better interview structure.

There are other features involved such as Chat, Whiteboard, Share screen, Avatars, Recording, Recorded video transcript, real-time scoring, question answers and more than that white-labeled with your employer branding.

The feature provides an intuitive experience for candidates too to add the video interview link in their calendar within the email invitations, reminders, rescheduling and even cancellation. That helps recruiters and hiring managers to reduce the screening to interview churn significantly (in integration with your Calendly).

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QPage Video Interview

🦾 Improvements

improvements on inviting new members
Now you can select which columns you want to export.
QPage is now more secure than ever.

πŸ”§ Fixes

Fixes on email rejection in the pipelines.
Fixes actions on the sequence and add a contact to the sequence.
Tons of little fixes on user experience and user interface.

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