Release note- Apr 2022

Every so often, it is time for new features rollout- and this time quite a bit of new functionality, integrations, improvements, and fixes!

πŸ”₯New feature:

New career site ecosystem is here
The new career site ecosystem is an integrated state-of-the-art collection of features to streamline the candidate experience while boosting your employer branding and conversion rate at the same time. πŸ₯³

The new career site ecosystem offers referrals to expand your reach and also anonymous diversity survey features to provide insights on on diversity in your hiring.
The new career ecosystem offers new theme "Classic" with a powerful search and filtration while giving the freedom to switch from one theme to another. Learn more

Career site

Career site font and color customization
You can now change your career site fonts and colors upon your own branding.

Career site font and colour

Adding 4 new languages to career site
Now you can add new languages to your career site, so candidates could have a better experience seeing the career site in their local language. - Best for companies hiring other than English.

Career new language

Career site Footer customization
It is now possible to customize links in your career site Footer.

Career site setting

Open Graph
Introducing Open Graph to standardize the use of metadata within job pages (career site job posts) to represent your branding content while sharing the job URL. A great modern method to increase your employer branding and conversion simultaneously.
The process automatically adds up job pages QR codes, and metadata combined with your branding banner.

Open Graph

New candidate profile
A major update to the product is a new candidate profile with a new header section that displays all the information you may need at a glance.
With this new feature, you can share a candidate profile with your partners without needing to log in. You, however, don't have to worry about the personal information being blurred out.

The candidate profile has also added a feature called "Logs", which stores a structured historical record of communications between you and the candidate including pipelines.
On the Evaluation tab, you can see all evaluations categorized based on job pipelines.

Lastly, in the candidate profile are the new options for uploading candidate portfolios, assignment results and other attachments.

New Candidate Profile

Introducing Apps and Integrations

Zapier integration is here. We now offer integrations and automations with over 4000 apps.

Integration with Twilio. Twilio integration provides an integrated experience to send SMS to your sequence, cohorts, pipelines, and contacts.

Integration with Google Analytics. Google Analytics integration allows you to track the traffic on your career site directly from your account.

Apps and Integrations

🦾 Improvements

Now you can freely change your workspace name freely on your career site "General Setting".
Providing a more consistent experience for insider tabs.
Improving security measures on storage.
Improving AI search results.
Improving contact pool filtration result.
Improvements in sequence email sending time.

πŸ”§ Fixes

Fixes on workspace members search results.
Fixes actions on assessment result editability.
Fixes on bulk upload.
Fixes on hiring team invitations.
Tons of little fixes on user experience and user interface.

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