Job Pipeline

The Job module on the left sidebar menu is where you can create, design, edit, and publish a new vacancy pipeline.

You are able to set automated actions such as voice/video interviews, auto-scheduling and machine-led interviews, assessments, evaluation forms, and emails.

A pipeline card is a widget where it shows

General pipeline stats

Edit, Archive, duplication possibilities

Adding candidate possibilities,

Pipeline Overview (Show more)

And the most important part is the steps in your pipeline and can be reached by tapping into a step

AI Candidate Matching

Once you published a job and got a candidate in the job pipeline, you will see a candidate detailed matching score with the job description categorized into 8 different categories.

It can be found on the "Show Detail" option on a candidate scorecard header once you tap into a step in your pipeline.

How to move candidate/s within a pipeline?

There are two options to move a candidate forward from one step to another.

Get to show more located in the center bottom of the job pipeline card and move candidate cards by drag and drop

Tap into a step pipeline in the pipeline card and select one or multiple candidates and select "Move to Next Step" in the Action drop-down list on the top left side of a step

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