While an optimized job post can go a long way towards attracting qualified candidates when you first click “Publish,” the tips provided below can further enhance this by providing other options to consider in order to fill the pipeline.

Hiring is the combination of marketing, sales and people management. So you need to craft a recruiting strategy. Provide materials such as company culture, current employees reviews and testimonials.

QPage offers a variety of different options to reach candidates wherever they might be. Some of the more popular options are provided below.

In case you are only relying on free boards. Free boards usually provide the priority for paid job ads and that might lead to both lower listing positions and views for the free ones. Try paid boards too.

1- Set your career site up and link it to your website. That brings authenticity and empowers your employer branding.

To customize your career site visit your workspace setting from the left side menu> Get to the "Company Profile" on the top sidebar and tap into the "Gear" icon on the top right of the page indicated as Career Page.

Start by picking your primary and secondary colors or you can drop your hex color code.

2- Try Linkedin's job post either free or paid

LinkedIn is the greatest business network on earth.

With 722 million users, LinkedIn is by far the largest community of professionals and a potential business network around the globe up from 675 in January 2021 according to Microsoft's FY21 Q1 report.

LinkedIn reported:

"We saw record engagement again this quarter as LinkedIn’s more than 722 million professionals looked to connect with their communities, learn new skills, and find new opportunities."

Another takeaway from the report I found interesting was the record point of 40 million active job seekers each week, keeping the edge over all other job boards.

Contribution is inevitable, but how to start properly? So here I try to walk you through step by step.

3- Try "AI Search" to search and source candidates with the required skills and characters around the globe.

Included as part of your QPage subscription, People Search functions as an AI search engine for candidates. It allows you to quickly find candidates based on your criteria, and easily add them to your account for further review or follow-up.

Click on the AI Search from the left side menu on your workspace to access this feature. The AI Search contains examples of terms and syntax that can be used to get started.

Any high-potential candidates can be quickly added to a job pipeline, contacts, cohort or sequence with one click and following the prompts.

If you’re unsure of what terms to use, the AI search takes the hassle out of determining search terms and reviewing results. Based on AI Search technology, this feature will automatically find and generate a list of candidates upon the required number of candidates, leads or prospects. Best of all, this process is seamless and does not require anything other than your criteria.

This can be done by navigating to the AI search after publishing a job pipeline and following the prompts to add the results. These candidates are automatically tagged with "AI Search" so you can easily differentiate those you've uploaded yourself from AI Search results.

4- Try social media campaigns, videos, and even contacting passive candidates to convert them into active candidates.

Connecting with your company’s existing audience by sharing open roles on social media can also be a great source of candidates. Your audience will already be familiar with your products, services and culture, making them ideal sources, especially for a niche field. You can also encourage your colleagues to share open postings on their social media pages to further expand this reach as well.

Through this method, you can reach a wider audience including ‘passive’ candidates that might not be currently looking for a role. Additionally, this represents an opportunity to open a channel of interaction with potential candidates and can help to highlight the company’s brand and culture.

Post right to a social account from the Publish the job section or send the job short link to coworkers for them to share.

We suggest taking one step forward and designing a social campaign on different platforms such as TikTok, Instagram and Facebook.

Video content is the real thing

There is a huge possibility in video application in the future as the video content is getting more traction, simpler to provide, watch and examine.

Of course, it all depends on the medium and the type of the content itself but look at the general trends between newspapers, blogs, youtube content, podcasts and more.

TikTok proved to be more than just a simple social media app. It is an ecosystem of creators, shoppers, and brands. Let's just see TikTok from a different perspective as it is more of a shorter version of Youtube.

5- "The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today."

A better long-term strategy is to find potential candidates continuously and engage them with your brand gradually. This can be done via designing a cohort or sequence for a group of candidates, less or prospects who share a defining characteristic.

In summary:

Consider a premium / sponsored posting on specialist boards if relevant

Check-in with your colleagues and ask for referrals

Spread the word on social media

Look through existing candidates in the contacts, cohorts or sequence.

Perform targeted searches for passive candidates via AI Search
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