The job is a center for job pipelines and recruiting. It is where you will be able to design a pipeline and workflow, invite the hiring team and get through the selection process to hire the one you are looking for.

Job creation

Click on the Job module from the left side menu and click on the Create a Job button on the top right of the page.

In this section, you can start designing your vacancy by following a wizard helping you out in a 5-step process, though the first step is only mandatory to be filled upon your requirement.

1- Define the job

Start by giving detailed information on vacancy in 7 main sections including:

Job Title & Department

Defining the position by providing required information such as job title, department, and seniority level.


Set the workplace location if any or turn it to a remote job.


Define a description of the role including the general area of the role on a day-to-day basis and strategic level. Get help from job description templates, or make your own templates.


Define a description of the responsibilities and accountabilities of the role. Same as job description you can simply write the job responsibilities on your own or use/edit the suggested one.

Note: Try to be as specific, clear, and informative as possible.

2- Application form

Edit the application form upon required information by either predefined format or tweak it by changing “Required” or “Optional”. Add your questions at the end of the application process.

3- Invite the hiring team

Another option is the ability to define a “_hiring/selection team“ by_ adding your teammates to the hiring team.

Remember by adding/inviting a person whether an internal recruiter, line manager, an expert, or even an external/crowdsourced recruiter/expert into the hiring/selection team, they will receive the notification on the progress upon their preferences.

You can see the list of authorized users in the hiring team on the bottom side of the page.

4- Hiring flow

Adjust your desirable hiring flow by redesigning steps, adding autonomous action including assessments, interviews, emails, sms messages, evaluation forms, and of course auto-scheduling by integrating your personal profile with your Calendly account.

Same as the “Recruitment preferences” feature page in the company setting process, you may adjust or customize your hiring pipeline especially for a vacancy in here or use your pre-defined master flow and move on.

5- Posting a job

The last step is posting a job upon your choice. There are 4 types of channels:

Company Career Page

Social Media

Free Job Boards

Premium Job Boards

You can select the channel you want to publish the job over. For the paid board you may need to adjust your account in the specific job board and the specific cost.

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