Recruitment can be a win-or-break game if recruiters can engage and nurture candidates. To increase conversation rates, recruiters must employ multi-channel communication. We at QPage focused on providing the edge for hiring teams.

Native integration with Twilio provides the opportunity to send to send messages at-scale, as well as across multiple countries within your recruiting pipelines or nurturing campaigns either sequences or cohorts.

The feature is only available on higher tier subscription plans. Contact sales team to unlock the feature.

Copy and paste the number exactly as it is in your Twilio dashboard.
Twilio Integration

Get to your project main page and copy/paste required Account sid and Auth tokens. Learn more👉🏼 here
Write down your Twilio phone number (Enter the Phone number that you purchased from Twilio) and provide a test # and click the "Connect" button.

Test number is a test destination number to check your account connection.

Twilio SMS Dashboard

How to send SMS in Contacts?
Sending SMS to contact can be done
1- By selecting targeted contacts and then selecting "Send message" from the 3 dots icon on the top of your page, you can bulk-send SMS at once (based on your plan in QPage and Twilio).
2- Or send a single message to a single contact by scrolling the table to the left and clicking the contact more option ( 3-dot icon).
SMS in Contacts

How to send SMS in Sequences, Cohort, or Job pipelines?
Sending SMS to contact can be done by selection SMS auto action in the sequence, cohort, and job pipelines.

The SMS action will one activated once you integrate your QPage workspace with your Twilio account.

Create the cohort,
Jump into the last step, press "Send message",
Set the message on the step.

Create the sequence,
Scroll down, press "+",
Create "Set auto message".

Job pipeline
Create the job pipeline,
Jump into the fourth step, click on "Set autonomous actions",
Press "SMS",
Set the message on the step.
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