Migrating from another recruiting software and you need to add your candidate database in QPage?
Or find a candidate and would like to add it to your contacts?

You only need to navigate to your "Contacts" tab in your contact pool and press the add contact button.

You can add candidates by uploading a resume in the one-by-one option or choose upload pdf and XLSX which works best for uploading at scale.

XLSX method:
Download the XLSX template and follow the instruction without removing any part of the template and upload it after you have filled the file. Each contact requires a certain amount of information as mandatory data field and they are name, family name and email address. The rest of the data fields are optional however having them filled properly will help you in further recruiting stages.

PDF method:
Once you upload bulk resumes an AI search engine starts to parse and structure the provided information to be organized into profiles. The result will be shown as the below sample to help you understand the outcome and let you solve if any issue occurs.

One by one method:

Check here.

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