**How do I set up a custom subdomain?**

Maintain your employer branding by letting candidates land on your own custom subdomain and career site! With few plans, you can point members directly to your company-branded career site.

QPage only supports subdomains (career.mycareerpageurl.com).

Step 1: Set your CNAME record

Set a CNAME record pointing your custom domain, to your QPage career page URL in the format of [**slug**].**qpage.one**. This process shouldn't take up more than 5 minutes of your time.

Below are links to popular hosting platforms, along with guides for setting up a CNAME. If you don't see yours below, searching your platform along with the keyword CNAME should point you in the right direction.

Google Domains
Godaddy (please ensure the 'name' field only contains your subdomain name and not the entire URL)
Cloudflare (please ensure that "Proxy" is disabled)

101 Domains

A2 Hosting










**Note: In case you are using Cloudflare for CName and SSL services, please do make sure that its orange cloud is off prior to taking any action.**

Step 2: Enter the custom domain in your settings

Navigate to your Career-site → Whitelabel and enter your custom domain. You won't be able to proceed unless your CNAME record is properly set up.
Next click Setup domain and you will see that your custom domain is pending which requires about 2 hours or less for verification.

That's it! Once your domain is verified, everything will auto-direct to the new domain. Members can still access your career site with the QPage URL, or the custom domain. Suggested Articles.

Read More about the SSL certificates here
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