It is more than great to see you signed up for QPage!

We've packed a lot of unusual features into this tool to help you recruit autonomously and feel more smart and organised than ever.
To get you started, here's a quick walkthrough. I recommend opening QPage to try things as we go:

Log in to your workspace

1- First, Build your career site

Career configuration

Complete your company profile by uploading logo, favicon, introduction and footer URLs.
Then choose a theme from the list.

Now it is time to stand out by customizing your career site theme by setting font, color, language and open graph.

CName and Whitelabel features are available based on specific subscription plans which will let you remove QPage branding from Career site, emails, questionnaires and interviews.

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2- Add your contacts and candidates
Within a few simple step you can add whole your contacts without any limitation to QPage using .xlsx file.

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3- Generate smart email and sms templates

Emails and SMS are still the greatest communication channel with candidates and @QPage we have spent so much time to make it even better 😊
Create Email and SMS templates with the help of AI assistants and use them on job pipelines, cohorts, and sequences.

Learn more here

4- Publish your first job pipeline

No more messy and complex stuff. QPage helps you hire and enjoy the collaboration while providing a great candidate experience.
1- Go to the "Job" module from the left side menu and tap into the "Create Job”.
2- Invite your teammates,
3- Design a workflow and add actions, emails, assessments,
4- And finally post it!

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Happy QPaging ❤️
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