Enabling SSL on career page

QPage provides SSL according to the subscription plans.

To enable your SSL certificate on your career page for the first time, you only need to start the CName process over again by disconnecting your custom domain.

To do so please visit the "Setting" from the left side menu> Go to "white-label". Read More here
In case you have done the whole process precisely and it did not work it might be because you are using another SSL service provider such as Cloudflare, so please make sure your Cloudflare cloud is off.

In case you prefer to use your own SSL service provide such as Cloudflare please read the instruction.

**Instruction to enable CName and SSL on Cloudflare:**

Create a CNAME record in the DNS tab in your Cloudflare account, which points to CName registered on your QPage workspace account. *Make sure the “cloud” icon is switched off

After your domain is activated in your QPage workspace return to your Cloudflare account and turn the cloud icon back on.

Now you may need to go to the SSL/TLS tab in your Cloudflare account and set it on the “FULL”

Now your domain and SSL are activated, though it might take for few hours in some cases.

Note: Don’t choose ‘Full (Strict)’ as this will result in an invalid SSL certificate.

Create a page rule enforcing HTTPS

Go to ‘Page Rules’ and create a new page rule with the following settings, replacing careers.examplename.com with your own custom domain.

Disable Cloudflare page speed features

Go to ‘Speed’ and disable Rocket Loader and Mirage for your custom help center domain.

Both of these features result in Cloudflare attempting to add some javascript to your Help Center. This will break functionality on your Help Center due to security settings your Help Center has enabled.

Ready to go!

Your custom domain should be fully secured and ready to go. Visitors to your Career site will see the green lock icon in their browser to let them know the site is secure.
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