QMail aka inbox is an advanced entire email system hosted by qpage and giving the freedom to pick a subdomain email address within the user's profile.

All roles and subscription plans have access to the inbox.

All subscription plans, except the basic plan, have access to the candidate emails' in the job pipeline.
The feature "Inbox" is currently in the beta version.

How to check your emails

Inbox Folder

An inbox is the main folder that your incoming mail gets stored in.

Now you have 2 sections to check emails:

1. Inbox

1. Check your unread messages on the right sidebar.
2. Click on "show more" on the right sidebar.
3. It will redirect you to the inbox.

Note In case you delete an email thread, it moves to the trash folder and may need to delete pregnantly or restore from the trash.

2. Job pipeline

a- First create a job pipeline and assign Autonomous actions such as,

auto emails, assessments, and actions to a step in the pipeline,

b- Later, you may have email conversations with candidates or with the recruiting team or even a referee within the pipeline. Those conversations are in sync with your inbox, so you can find them within pipelines or your inbox.

Note. You can even check message detail to track the email performance,

The tracking will help you understand whether the candidate received the email of how was the URL performance within the email.

Draft Folder:

The Drafts folder is where you keep email messages that you have not yet completed or plan to send later.

1- Compose a message,

2- The new message will save automatically on your drafts folder, or you can save it manually to be sure that the latest changes have been saved.

3- Whenever you want, you can open the Drafts folder, and start to write again, and send it to any recipient as you wish.

Star Folder:

Star is to marks a conversation that can be found again easily. You can add any collection of emails to the star folder in bulk or one by one.


1- Select an email,

2- Add a star to it, by clicking on Star on the right side,

3- Check the Star folder, and Find it whenever you want.

Trash Folder:

E-mail that is deleted from an inbox, sent, and star folders are not completely gone. Deleted e-mail are usually stored in the trash folder. If you delete an e-mail from your inbox, it will initially place in the Trash folder.


You can remove any email from any folder, except "Draft"

However if you want to delete a conversation permanently,

1- Open Trash folder,

2- Select any email you would like to delete completely.

3- Delete the email or collection of emails. You can not undo this action.

Note: When you delete a message that other recruiters are involved in, it would not delete from their inboxes while the message will just be deleted from your inbox.

Send an email:

There are a few ways to send an email to a candidate.

1- You can send the email to a candidate within a pipeline by clicking on the Email icon on the top right of the candidate scorecard.

2- You can send the email from the inbox in your main dashboard.

3- You can send the email from the candidate or user profile by clicking on the Email icon on the top right of the profile.
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