Career Page Customization

Career Site is an auto-generated feature once you set up your workspace domain properly. It gets updated dynamically once you publish a job on your career site.

It's a tier-based feature so can you find more information about it here.

How to customize the Career page?

From the left-side menu, select the career site module to access a variety of options for customizing the theme, information, and so much more.
Start by

Write down any useful information including stuff your prospects are interested to know, like the vision you are looking for, culture, and the perks and benefits package you are offering. This information will be used to auto-fill your career page.

Career site font and color customization
You can now change your career site fonts and colors upon your own branding in "Fonts and Color"Tab.
Start by choosing your Font from the list of Google fonts.
You can also select your primary and secondary colors for Text, background text and all action elements such as CTAs and menu.

Career site font and colour

Adding 4 new languages to career site
Now you can add new languages to your career site, so candidates could have a better experience seeing the career site in their local language.
Best for companies hiring other than English.
The current options are Spanish, French, German, Farsi and English.

Career new language

Career site Footer customization
It is now possible to customize links in your career site Footer. Add your company social profiles URLs can be added in your career site footer.
You can edit your company information on your career site simply by navigating to the General info tab in your career site module. This is where you can change your career site domain by changing your workspace name. Increase your chances of converting candidates by providing as much information as possible

Career site setting

Open Graph
Introducing Open Graph to standardize the use of metadata within job pages (career site job posts) to represent your branding content while sharing the job URL. A great modern method to increase your employer branding and conversion simultaneously.
The process automatically adds up job pages QR codes, and metadata combined with your branding banner.

Give your open graph metadata a title and a brief description. Then upload a picture that has a resolution of 1200 x 630 pixels in jpg or png format.

Open Graph
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