We know how big data can get. The more prospects, templates, sequences, or profiles you have, the more complicated it can get to find what you’re looking for. So you need to have more of holistic views interconnecting all information to provide one picture with the freedom of actions. We get it. So, we redesigned candidate profile to be the one picture you were looking for.

A major update to the product is a new candidate profile with a new header section that displays all the information you may need at a glance.
With this new feature "Public Profile", you can share a candidate profile with your partners without needing to log in. You, however, don't have to worry about the personal information being blurred out.

The candidate profile has also added a feature called "Logs", which stores a structured historical record of communications between you and the candidate including pipelines.

On the Evaluation tab, you can see all evaluations categorized based on job pipelines.

Lastly, in the candidate profile are the new options for uploading candidate portfolios, assignment results and other attachments.

Candidate Profile V.2
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