AI search is around the corner

This powerful tool is perfect for sourcing prospects, leads, and passive candidates with more than 700 million profiles available to search, source and hire.
With ideal filtering and search capabilities, it is a worthy alternative to LinkedIn for sourcing.
Search and simply add the result to pipelines, cohorts or sequences to nurture or hire.

How to use AI search?

Find AI Search on the left side menu in your workspace.

Specify the criteria.

And apply!

That's it! Now add the matched leads to the sequence, cohort, pipeline.

How to find the most matched leads?

To search through more than 700M passive candidates you just need to filter out what you need from the number of result you'd like to see, job title, location, degree, company...
Your last searches are accessible within the page and can be found once again by clicking the result link.

AI Search Page

How to top up AI search credits?
AI search is a token based feature and accessible for all subscription plans. The only thing you need to do is to navigate the Plan page in the subscription by a WS owner.

And scroll down the the AI search section and click the purchase button, select the number credits you need and purchase.
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