We are thrilled to announce our first ever GPT-3 powered feature "AI Assistant", our first ever feature powered by OpenAI's GPT-3.

OpenAI is an AI research and deployment lab that's on a mission to ensure general-purpose artificial intelligence benefits all of humanity.

OpenAI is committed to developing AI safely and responsibly and with our collaboration, we are closer than ever in providing AI at recruiters' service for better, safer, and faster hiring.

AI Assistant is a GPT-3-powered email content generation tool that will help you design AI-generated email content upon your requirements such as intonation, types, and the audience faster than ever.

We will continue to provide new automated possibilities using in-house AI algorithms and GPT-3 within your workspace.

**Feature Description**

The feature is available for plans from Starter to Enterprise.

Each workspace granted a batch of tokens to try the new AI possibilities in helping recruiters automate email content copywriting.

Starter Plan ⏩ 1k token

Standard Plan ⏩ 10k token

Pro Plan ⏩ 100k token

Enterprise ⏩ Unlimited

To access the feature you need to navigate to the "Setting" from the menu left side menu > "Template" tab.

Now click "Create Email Template" and 👉🏼 hit the Try button

A great thing about the AI Assistant is you can adjust the result by setting your preferences on Tone, Intention and any keyword you might need to be included in the result.

You can go further by giving additional information into the model.

The result generates in a couple of seconds.

You can copy the template and paste it on your template to be used in your automation workflows in your recruiting process.

You have the option to regenerate a new output and leave your feedback in emojis to train the model for further tunes and enhancement.

Also, there will be an analysis of the output shown on the right side of the generated content that helps you by providing insights including the Reading time, Readability, Formality, and Sentiment Analysis.

Purchasing AI Assistant Tokens

To purchase more tokens you can simply navigate to Setting > Subscription Tab and find AI Assistant under the plan and click purchase.

Select the number of tokens you desire. Each token can be estimated as a 4-letter word. Proceed to purchase and you'll be all set to automate your email template generations 🙂

Stay tuned with us and join the discussion around new feature development.
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