Add new member

To add a new member to your workspace you may need to check your subscription to purchase a new seat/user.

To do so you need to navigate to your subscription from the Setting in the left side menu.

Add Member
Go to the User Management from the Setting on the left side menu and click on Add Member. You can upload a resume to parse the information either by pdf or CSV in order to complete the new member profile, however, this is an option.

Make sure the resume has the name and email address then confirm to send the invitation to join your workspace. If the person you tend to invite is going to be an admin, make sure you check the “Is Admin?” box, although you can always change the user access level later on:

Note: You may need to add your invited team member in order to provide a Job pipeline as a hiring team member. To do so you need to navigate to the "Job Module"

from the left side menu and click the 3-dot icon on the top right of the published pipeline and go to Hiring Team.

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